Mykonos island in Greece

Mykonos Greece

Mykonos is a Greek island from the group of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located between the islands of Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

It's a top tourist destination in Greece, famous for its cosmopolitan character and intense nightlife. The island covers an area of over 105 sq. km and its highest point is at 341 meters above the sea level.

Mykonos has little natural fresh water and relies on desalination to meet the needs. It is believed that the island is named after a local hero who is considered a descendant of the god Apollo.

Mykonos town, also known as Chora has about 10 000 inhabitants and is the largest town on the island and is located on the west coast. Mykonos town is a combination of specific architecture, large nightclubs, various hotels, fish restaurants, cafes, boutiques and gift shops.

Nightlife of Mykonos is advertised as one of the best in Europe and attracts famous DJ-s in the biggest and world famous clubs and beach bars. The island is a friendly resort area for people with different sexual orientation and there are many gay clubs that are open in the summer.

The island is known for the rhythm of life: the parties starts at noon on the beach and continue throughout the night until sunrise. It attracts thousands of people each month of the summer, including many celebrities and is considered a "playground for adults".

Among the most famous sightseeings on the island are:

* Petros the pelican - the official mascot of Mykonos for more than 50 years but nowadays only three pelicans survive nowadays;

* Mykonos Windmills - they are built in the 16th century and are the most famous landmark;

* Little Venice - "neighborhood" of houses in the foundations on which the strike wave;

* Paraportiani Church - one of the most famous buildings in Greece;

* Alefkandra square;

* Archaeological Museum;

* Delos Island - located about 2 km west of Mykonos. The entire island was declared a national museum. There arethe Eteocretan fountain terrace of the lions, the temples of Dionysus, Isis and Hera.

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